Christine's Care & Compassion

Certified Birth Doula, Certified Postpartum Doula, 
Certified Lactation Counselor, Certified Childbirth Educator, 
Certified Aromatherapist

Christine Golcher, CD(DONA), PCD(DONA), CLC, CBE(CBI):  Certified Birth doula, certified postpartum doula,  certified lactation counselor, and certified childbirth educator, and certified aromatherapist

Hello! Thank you for visiting my website!  Are you planning on getting pregnant or already pregnant?  Would you like to have a birth doula to be with your during your labor and delivery to provide you with continuous emotional support?  Are you concerned that if you are having a hospital birth that you may be "overruled" by hospital staff?  Are you worried about bringing a brand new baby home when you've never taken care of a baby before?  Are you worried you may run into some breastfeeding issues?  Are you worried that you will not be prepared for childbirth?  My company believes that a woman should have the kind of birth she desires. It is something that you will remember for the rest of your life!  My company believes a new mom deserves a little pampering when she gets home so she has time to heal.  My company believes that if you have breastfeeding support, you will breastfeed for a longer period.  My company believes that it is important to be prepared for childbirth, however that looks to you.  My company stands for excellent care before you go into labor, during your labor and delivery, during the early postpartum weeks, and for as long as you desire to breastfeed.  Our purpose is to be with you during this time, to educate you, to support you, to empower you, to help you, and to take care of you.  Our hero in the birth world is Penny Simpkin. We like her because she is quietly fierce and very knowledgeable in this field.  We fully believe that this special time in your life should be everything you would like it to be.  It's your birth, your way!  Our mission is to help you be the best that you can be during this time.  We will be with you every step of the way.  The benefits to hiring us is that you will get a slightly older doula than most, with more maturity and life experience.  My clients have told me that they feel more mothered by me since I am older than most other doulas.  They tell me they could tell that I would be a warm and fuzzy person just by looking at my headshot photo!  We want to live up to our business name. It's all about care and compassion at this time in new mother's life.  We can make your life easier by freeing up your partner to emotionally support you during labor while we support both of you, provide physical comfort measures, provide information,  and help you to advocate for yourselves.  We can take care of you and your household postpartum so that you can relax, rest, and enjoy your baby!  We can educate you prenatally so that you have all the information you need going into your labor and delivery.  We can even work overnights postpartum so that you can get more sleep because we will be there to bring you your baby when he/she is ready to nurse, and then take them back to the nursery to sleep. At that time, we will also be doing some household chores so that you do not have to worry about them the next day!  We can help you with positioning and latch so that you have a more positive breastfeeding experience.  With us, you will feel educated, informed, ready, empowered, rested, and relaxed through this whole process.  We will make you feel better because we will be there to support you every step of the way. You are never alone (unless you choose to be!).  We are one -stop shopping for the pregnant mom!  Please give me a call so we can talk more and set up an interview!  215-287-4915

I am a certified birth doula, certified postpartum doula,  certified lactation counselor, certified childbirth educator, and certified aromatherapist living in Roxborough, PA.  I  serve the Philadelphia region including Center City and the Main Line and about a one hour radius from Philadelphia.  Please give me a call to set up an interview for birth or postpartum doula service.  If you need lactation counseling, I can teach a prenatal class or you can call me if you run into any issues once you have had your baby and you need help. I teach private and group childbirth education classes as well as newborn care classes and breastfeeding classes. 215-287-4915

Accepting new birth clients. Accepting new postpartum clients needing help starting on March 16th, 2015. Lactation counseling clients always accepted!  Childbirth ed course starting on April 18th through May 23rd. See the childbirth educator page for the flyer!  Don't forget to inquire about group or private breastfeeding classes and newborn care classes as well!

GIFT CERTIFICATES MAKE GREAT  GIFTS!  Gift certificates for birth or postpartum doula services, lactation counseling, and childbirth ed courses are a great idea for a baby shower gift or a new baby gift!   Give me a call if you would like to purchase one for the special parents-to-be or new parents!  What a help that would be to help the parents get through the labor and delivery, help them out after they get home with their baby, help them with breastfeeding, or give them a childbirth ed course!